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Better PKU Habits


In Fitfunner, you'll become a PKU Celebrity, gathering fame, fun and Fans as you build better health habits. The first step is to pick a starter habit, and a time to do it. Create your first Fitfunner PKU Habit Reminder, and win a fun free Pop Stars game reward!

Start: PKU Habits

Start your Fitfunner journey with your first PKU Habit!

Set your habit time

Choose a time when you'll start your new habit. We'll send you a one-time email reminder about it.

One last step!

To send your reminder, you'll need to create an account.


In Fitfunner, the first-of-its-kind free-to-play social digital health game, you play a Celeb: a health celebrity who is reaching for the stars while learning and helping their kids in real life. The Maps show your progress through the game, and guide your growth as a Celeb.

Flash Friends

Develop healthy habits while playing Flash Friends, plus build your Fan Base as a Celeb. Play Flash Friends together with other Fitfunner Celebs to win new Fans while staying on diet!

Pop Stars

Being a Fitfunner Celeb isn't just about building your health celebrity street cred. You'll need to play fun games to keep your Fans, and Pop Stars is a great place to start. Pop bubbles, level up, and keep your Fans loyal to your celebrity awesomeness!


Play fun word games with other Celebs, or invite friends by email. Keep your Fans loyal while having fun playing a game with people who will support you in your PKU diet journey.

And much more!

There are lots more games and places to explore in Fitfunner. Connect with other Fitfunner players in your very own Studio. Gain Endorsements to earn free in-game currency. Broadcast your achievements to your Fan Base using Famepoints, your very own social media network. Read about yourself and your Studio friends in the Newsfeed.


You have completed the first step in your journey as a Nutrition Celebrity.

Keep playing Fitfunner to become a world famous Nutrition Celebrity and pick up some healthy eating tips, tricks, and habits along the way.

Let's continue my adventure

Welcome to Fitfunner!

It's time to start your celebrity journey. Click on the bouncing pin!

This is your cell phone. You can use it to go straight to health activities, games, endorsements, and the studio. It also shows you your current tokens, loot, and fan count.

You can access your phone by tapping the phone button at the top of the screen.

On to the next step!

Get help sticking to the PKU diet and improve your health!

Step into a world of Health Celebrity

Make habit change fun by playing games!

Interact with other members of the PKU community

I'm ready to start my journey!