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Fitfunner helps you manage Alpha-Gal Syndrome. Play Fitfunner's first-of-its-kind, free-to-play social digital health to create healthy and effective habits. Engage with the community to identify and overcome common pitfalls, and find friends that will help you succeed!

Join in a game of HabitTV to start taking control of your diet with confidence!

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Habit Journal

Keep track of your progress and review what you've learned in your Habit Journal. Keep up a streak to help solidify your habits!

Pop Stars

Being a Fitfunner Celeb isn't just about building your health celebrity street cred. You'll need to play fun games to keep your Fans, and Pop Stars is a great place to start. Pop bubbles, level up, and keep your Fans loyal to your celebrity awesomeness!


Play fun word games with other Celebs, or invite friends by email. Keep your Fans loyal while having fun playing a game with people who will push and support you through your journey of creating healthy and effective habits.

And much more!

There are lots more games and places to explore in Fitfunner. Connect with other Fitfunner players in your very own Studio. Gain Endorsements to earn free in-game currency. Broadcast your achievements to your Fan Base using Famepoints, your very own social media network. Read about yourself and your Studio friends in the Newsfeed.