About Fitfunner

Fitfunner's catalog of games is slowly but surely growing with more to be added as we go! Your celebrity journey will initially have you filming movies, competing in challenging game shows, and conquering cities with your fame alone - all while building fundamental PKU habits. Take a look at some of the games currently joining the roster:

Pop Stars

The life of an actor is one that's usually full of all sorts of rewards and fame... except for in the very beginning of your career. In Pop Stars you'll start off as a budding actor that's trying to get their way into as many movies as possible. From horrible horrors to cackling comedies you'll find yourself starting at the very bottom as you work your way up to the esteemed silver screen.

You'll gain invaluable fans throughout the way with your stunning performances that'll stick around to help cheer you on during your ascent to fame. Make sure to put on a show!

Now you can play a preview of Pop Stars!


In Renouned you'll find yourself swiftly placed into an exciting TV game show pitted up against one of your fellow rising celebrities. It's a fight of the wits in this game, and the show's creators are counting on you and your opponent to help drive the ratings. Will you triumph over your opponent in a battle of twisted tongues, or will their brains be too much for you to handle? Either way it goes, we're looking at a good show.

Habit TV

Habit TV will see you and a team of friends competing to win over entire cities with your fame and habit prowess. Each day your team will work on health habits together in an attempt to pave your road to stardom as a nutrition celebrity - but your team isn't the only one intent on becoming the stars here.

A rival team seems to be pretty focused on trying to take the spotlight from you, so you'll have to do everything in your power to establish authority and grow influence in each city you step foot in before your rivals do. Which team will come out on top? That's for you to decide.