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A Follow Up To Yesterday’s Post

Hi all:

Anna here again with a short follow up to yesterday’s post.  I thought that it might be interesting to see what I found on Google Trends about people searching on Google about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  I figured that, with the statistics being pretty grim (1 in 1o US kids estimated to have the condition), that this would be a popular search term.… Read the rest

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Hi all:

Anna here, with a story that is motivating us at Fitfunner.

Did you know that 1 in 10 kids today have the early stages of a disease that used to be thought of as an adult-only problem?  And that a primary cause of that problem is childhood obesity?… Read the rest

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Fitfunner and Seconds on Snacks

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It’s time for another Fitfunner “healthy habits for kids” tip.  For those of you who are new to Fitfunner, we are an online casual gaming system that helps parents guide their kids to healthy habits. We do this by providing parents with fun casual games and chances to get helpful tips on healthy habits for kids. 

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We’re Learning New Patterns for Engaging With Our Players

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We here at Fitfunner are always trying to learn new ways of engaging with our users.  After all, we are working in a brand new area: a combinations of classic casual gaming with health habit modifcation.  We’re always on the lookout for new game design ideas that could be applied to Fitfunner, or old game design ideas expressed in new and helpful ways.… Read the rest

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