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FTSF: Best Buddies Challenge Ride



Hi all:

Anna here, with my Finish The Sentence Friday post about my favorite way to exercise. Actually, I have two ways to finish that sentence. My favorite way to exercise for the past several years is to row (as in Crew).… Read the rest

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When Several Adults Go Food Shopping: What Other Moms Say #13

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Anna here. In this post, we’re continuing our series What Other Moms Say. We all know that it can be really helpful to find out what other Moms have done when faced with a similar kid situation. That’s actually built into Fitfunner: our health games are built around questions from Moms (or other parents) about how to guide their kids to better eating and exercise habits.… Read the rest

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Mom Gamers: Why do they play?


Image Credit: Angela Heidenreich and Rahxy

Hi all:

Anna here. This week, I’m wondering to myself, “why are there Mom Gamers?” and “why do Moms play video games?” Obviously, since we here at Fitfunner make video games for Moms (and Dads and grandparents), these are important questions for us.… Read the rest

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Picky Eaters: Changing Cooking Methods

Changing Cooking Methods: Roasting the Veggies  Yum!!

Changing Cooking Methods: Roasting the Veggies Yum!!


Hi all:

Anna here.  Happy Memorial Day!   When we try to figure out how to broaden the number and kinds of foods that our picky eaters are willing to eat, let’s not forget changing cooking methods for that food.… Read the rest

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