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5 Big Myths About Alpha-Gal Syndrome

Updated 10/9/2017

Red meat allergy, also known as alpha-gal syndrome would seem like a pretty straightforward condition, but as it turns out, it’s anything but.  It’s no surprise that the internet caught wind of an allergy to red meat and ran with it; as tends to happen, a concept popped up with viral potential, and in the process of creating snappy headlines and attention-grabbing copy, facts have been distorted along the way.Read the rest

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What is Alpha-Gal Syndrome?

alpha gal syndrome tick

Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), often described as “red meat allergy”, is a food allergy characterized by a delayed – and potentially life threatening – reaction that can strike a person at any age.  It saw a surge in popularity and discussion somewhat recently, but just like many subjects that go viral in a short amount of time, misconceptions and story-driven slants are bound to crop up along the way.… Read the rest

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