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Can I Eat that? Spotting Foods to Avoid with Alpha-Gal Syndrome

One of the more challenging elements of any food allergy is learning all of the terms for the processed version of the food to avoid.  Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), a potentially life-threatening, delayed reaction food allergy to mammal products and sometimes carrageenan is especially challenging. … Read the rest

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Adapting to AGS: Understanding Tolerance Levels

Alpha-gal syndrome(AGS), a potentially life-threatening allergy with delayed reactions to mammal products, is an intimidating diagnosis to be faced with.  Initially, the shock of giving up beef, pork, lamb and other mammal meat is upsetting, but it seems simple enough, right?Read the rest

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Avoiding Tick Bites: How, and Why It’s Important

Fact: Nobody likes tick bites. Avoiding tick bites is something that seems like a common sense notion, but in reality avoiding them is growing more and more difficult with every passing year as species and diseases spread in unprecedented numbers. From the classic Lyme disease that may become chronic if not treated promptly, to newly discovered conditions like alpha-gal syndrome (mammal product/meat allergy) that can be induced the moment a tick bites, to acute life-threatening viral infections like Powassan, it seems like every year another reason to prevent tick bites comes to light.… Read the rest

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