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Gift Ideas For Friends and Family with Alpha-Gal Syndrome

Allergies can make gift giving tricky, and alpha-gal syndrome (aka red meat allergy) brings it to a whole new level.  If your family has food or personal product gift-giving traditions, AGS can put a wrench in your holiday plans.  Sorry Aunt Susan, that meat tray just isn’t going to work this year.… Read the rest

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What to Watch for: Hidden Alpha-Gal Sources

Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) aka “red meat allergy” is a potentially life-threatening food allergy that can be brought on by tick bites in anyone at any age.  Alpha-gal reactions result from exposure to a carbohydrate rather than a protein, are usually delayed by several hours, and have a variety of symptom presentations, all of which helped to keep the condition hidden from science until its discovery in 2009. … Read the rest

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Alpha-Gal Syndrome & Speed Reading labels

Alpha-Gal Syndrome(AGS) is a potentially life-threatening allergy to the oligosaccharide galactose-alpha 1, 3 galactose (alpha-gal) commonly found in non-human mammal products and sometimes carrageenan.  Because alpha-gal can contaminate any product derived from mammals and no labeling laws exist to aid consumers who need to avoid it, reading labels and searching for a product that can be safely consumed is a real chore. … Read the rest

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Can I Eat that? Spotting Foods to Avoid with Alpha-Gal Syndrome

One of the more challenging elements of any food allergy is learning all of the terms for the processed version of the food to avoid.  Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), a potentially life-threatening, delayed reaction food allergy to mammal products and sometimes carrageenan is especially challenging. … Read the rest

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