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Diagnosing Alpha-Gal Syndrome

How is Alpha-Gal Syndrome Diagnosed?

Updated 9-21-2017

Considering alpha-gal syndrome(AGS) is relatively new to medicine in the grand scheme of things, diagnosing the ailment can be tricky, to say the least. From symptoms that are easily confused with other more common issues, to a general lack of common knowledge on the subject, doctors are put to the test when called on to recognise this condition.  … Read the rest

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Symptoms of Alpha-Gal Syndrome

Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), characterized by the sudden onset of an often atypical allergic reaction to mammal products and sometimes carrageenan, was not described until 2009.  As awareness of alpha-gal syndrome and the ticks that are known to trigger it spread, so too do the number of confirmed cases.  Read the rest

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5 Big Myths About Alpha-Gal Syndrome

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Red meat allergy, also known as alpha-gal syndrome would seem like a pretty straightforward condition, but as it turns out, it’s anything but.  It’s no surprise that the internet caught wind of an allergy to red meat and ran with it; as tends to happen, a concept popped up with viral potential, and in the process of creating snappy headlines and attention-grabbing copy, facts have been distorted along the way.Read the rest

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What is Alpha-Gal Syndrome?

alpha gal syndrome tick
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Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), often described as “red meat allergy”, is a food allergy characterized by a delayed – and potentially life threatening – reaction that can strike a person at any age.  It saw a surge in popularity and discussion somewhat recently, but just like many subjects that go viral in a short amount of time, misconceptions and story-driven slants are bound to crop up along the way.… Read the rest

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