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Help! My Child Won’t Drink Formula!

We get it: formula sometimes isn’t the best. Despite that, much like medicine, implementing it into your routine when you’re diagnosed with PKU is just a part of life that needs to be conquered. For adults this is a simple reality; you keep up on your formula, you feel good!… Read the rest

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College-Bound PKU

College move-in day is on the way, and you couldn’t be more excited. All the new people you’ll be meeting, different activities to be taking part in, and, most importantly, freedom! College is to be looked forward to, and the new experiences should be embraced! … Read the rest

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I Have PKU, Will My Child Get it Too?

Living with Phenylketonuria is a challenge in and of itself, as anybody that deals with it can likely tell you. It takes a strong commitment to building habits and sticking with a routine to manage the symptoms it brings; it’s no surprise that soon-to-be parents would be concerned about the chances of potentially passing it on to their children.… Read the rest

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Untreated PKU – What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

You tend to hear from everybody in the PKU world that it’s super important to stay on diet, and the thought of going rogue is something that’s rather quickly dismissed as any bit of a possibility whatsoever. But why? There are people alive today that had been born before newborn PKU screening was a reality, and spent most of their lives not even knowing that they had the condition.… Read the rest

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