Game Review: Chef Solus Cooking Academy

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Anna here, with a health game review of Chef Solus Cooking Academy, one of the Solusville Games, by Nourish Interactive.

Solusville is a group of game aimed at kids, with the intent of exposing kids to good health and eating habits. Solusville is free to play for kids, and doesn’t appear to have any in-app purchases (there are ads in the adult interface, but not the kids interface). It is a browser-based game. I played, and am reviewing, the Chef Solus Cooking Academy, a cooking simulation game within Solusville. Solusville is primarily focused on kids under 13, so there is a parental sign-in procedure. Once you’ve signed in for your kids, there are a number of different games that they can play. Chef Solus Cooking Academy is a standard cooking simulation game, where the game provides the player with a recipe to make (I got pancakes), and the play needs to add the right ingredients in the proper order. There are downloadable recipes to make, should you want to do so with your child.   This cooking simulation, like many in the genre, teaches use of various measuring devices, and prep techniques. One note: your child will need to be able to read a recipe to play the game; otherwise you will need to be with them to tell them what ingredients to select, and how much of the ingredients to add.

I’ve included a screen shot of the game play here:

Chef Solus Cooking Academy Screen Shot

(I got off to a bad start with the eggs on this round, so I had a score of -100. I need to get better at cracking virtual eggs!)

This game was fine, in the sense that it had the expected elements of a standard cooking sim. The gameplay emphasized some standard aspects of cooking (proper measurement, paying attention to how ingredients were added and how they were handled). The ingredients were stylized, as is common in the genre, but kids should be able to figure out that a game egg represents an egg in real life. I didn’t get too much into the scoring; and I’ll have to explore a bit more how the various games interact during an upcoming review. There are well over 3 dozen individual game within the Solusville group of games, and so we’ll need to review the overall UI and game selection during that upcoming review.

If you give Chef Solus Cooking Academy, or any of the Solusville Games, a try, please let me know what you think of it in the comments. Also, please feel free to recommend a kid’s or parent’s health game that you’d like to see reviewed.

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