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Anna here, with a health game review of Henri le Worm.  The app is available for iOS and Android, and is priced at $1.99 at the Apple App Store, and for $2.12 on GooglePlay. The objective of Henri le Worm is to help Henri win a cooking competition that he’s participating in with other garden beasties. It’s not a traditional game, per se, but more of a collection of mini-quests. The art and narration is of very high quality; in particular the narration is by Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the JJ Abrams’ Star Trek films. I feel that it is best suited for younger children in terms of its tone, but you’ll need to help them with some of the reading and with working through the recipes.

Here’s an example of the rich art that you’ll find in the app (did I mention that I liked the art? Well I do!)

Henri le Worm Screen Shot

I found that the app is more of an interactive story than a traditional game. In addition to the primary interactive story line, there is a set of integrated recipes as well. The combination, while not a game, might be okay for situations where you are trying to expose kids to information about nutrition and good eating. You can connect actual recipe preparation with reading/playing through the app for an interesting mash-up of virtual and real-world experiences. So while not as engaging in and of itself as a more full-fledged video game, it’s still a rich multi-media experience that you can easily share with your kids.

If you give Henri le Worm a try, please let me know what you think of it in the comments. Also, please feel free to recommend a kid’s or parent’s healthgame that you’d like to see reviewed.

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