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Anna here, with a health game review of Hungry Clipper from Duckie Deck.  Hungry Clipper is an app, designed to help young children get more comfortable with clipping their nails and general finger hygiene. This app is available on the Apple App Store, for iPhone and iPad.   The listed price is $0.99. I received a free copy of the app to facilitate this review, but my opinions are my own.

In general, the gameplay was easy to understand. There is no tutorial, but I figured out quickly enough how to “feed” hands needing their nails clipped to the Hungry Clipper.   There are a few variations on clipping, with hands needing to be cleaned, bandaged, rings removed, etc. The art is simple, but clear as to whether nails have been clipped or not. Once the hand is finished, the nails sparkle to indicate a job well done. There are a variety of hands, ranging from kids to adults, and including a few monsters or animals needing some hygiene help. Music and sound effects are pleasing, and would be positive for most small children.

I’ve included a screen shot here, that shows the game art, and the types of nails that get clipped.

Hungry Clipper Screen Shot

This game is directed to kids 5 and under, and that feels to be the right age. There is no scoring, and no end-state, which would work well for a very young child (older children might want something more competitive, but this app is really targeted at toddlers and pre-schoolers). This is an unusual app in that it targets hygiene, which is not an area in which I see a lot of games. So if you have a small child that is afraid of having their nails cut, then something like this could help them to overcome their fears and reluctance. Kudos to Duckie Deck for making an app like this; it works well to introduce young kids to keeping their nails clean and cut.

If you give Hungry Clipper a try, please let me know what you think of it in the comments. Also, please feel free to recommend a kid’s or parent’s health game that you’d like to see reviewed.

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