Curious to know what’s currently going on in the world of Fitfunner? We’ve got you covered. During the beta stage of the game you’ll see below the current fixes and additions that are being worked on at the moment. This is very much a changelog of sorts for a game that’s constantly evolving, so please bear in mind that some features may change or be reworked as time goes on!Read the rest

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Untreated PKU – What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

You tend to hear from everybody in the PKU world that it’s super important to stay on diet, and the thought of going rogue is something that’s rather quickly dismissed as any bit of a possibility whatsoever. But why? There are people alive today that had been born before newborn PKU screening was a reality, and spent most of their lives not even knowing that they had the condition.… Read the rest

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Newborn PKU Screening: How Does it Work?

The hustle and bustle that comes with a new addition to the family is typically overwhelming; that precious day or two after a baby is born typically goes by in a blur as all of its vitals are tested and the basic information is gathered.… Read the rest

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Treating PKU: How’s it Done?

PKU treatments are something of a point of discussion; while there are a series of products in the works that claim they’ll revolutionize the way people handle their PKU, most of those are either stuck as speculative gestures at the moment, and/or are simply too far off to be setting our sights on quite yet. … Read the rest

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