Curious to know what’s currently going on in the world of Fitfunner? We’ve got you covered. During the beta stage of the game you’ll see below the current fixes and additions that are being worked on at the moment. This is very much a changelog of sorts for a game that’s constantly evolving, so please bear in mind that some features may change or be reworked as time goes on!

[June 22nd, 2017]

  • Endorsements have now properly been integrated into your almighty checklist, hooray for a one-stop-shop!
  • Buttons that display a cost of shop items have been created by the ever-talented artist!
  • Habit TV now has some wonderful progress bar additions, collection buttons, and fan popups, all created to help you better gauge your progress in your fame conquests of the available cities!

[June 15th, 2017]

  • The UI for Habits was adjusted and tweaked!
  • Item/upgrade screens were created to make your item and upgrade attempts more visually appealing!
  • Episode action screens within Habit TV were adjusted to more accurately show which episode you’re on at the time.
  • Even MORE content boxes were created for Renouned, just in case you thought there weren’t enough before!
  • Animations were thoroughly tested for Renouned to ensure a smooth experience that’s easy on the eyes (and our servers).

[June 1st, 2017]

  • The intro habits within Habit TV have been rewritten, all the better to form your habits with!
  • The checklist within Habit TV got some love from the staff as far as concepting goes. By implementation, this will be the checklist of all checklists.
  • The team chat icon will no longer cover up the scroll bar, thus allowing you to initiate team chat AND scroll to your heart’s content!
  • Popup buttons of all sorts have been fixed so that they’re consistently the correct size!

[May 25th, 2017]

  • An episode synopsis was added to the social chat feed – show off your accomplishments to your friends!
  • A bunch of Renouned outro screens were created to keep things fresh and interesting for the players!
  • Fixed an issue where longer names wouldn’t fit into the game UI. You should now be covered!

[May 18th, 2017]

  • MORE roads were added to connect MORE cities! If you’re worried about running out of roads or cities, don’t!
  • User avatars will now been included in the display when somebody likes something you’ve done! Why stop with a name when you could have a face too? Take that, social media titan that doesn’t have that functionality.
  • The game end sequence was given some much-needed love.
  • Skipping the intro animation within Popstars will no longer cause your music to bug out! Wouldn’t want you to miss out on that music now, would we?

[May 4th, 2017]

  • Events were added to the bonus episode objectives within Habit TV!
  • A brand new “Vanquished Enemy” screen was concepted up for those of you that want it explicitly known that you’ve done such. We’ve got you covered.
  • The messaging system within Renouned was thoroughly tested – can’t have anybody struggling to encourage their opponents with witty banter!

[April 27th, 2017]

  • Habit TV received the ability to plan additional activities, for those overachievers in the crowd that want to tackle all sorts of great changes!
  • Roads were added to connect the various cities in Habit TV – build roads, and they will come.
  • The intro sequence to Renouned was updated and reconfigured! All sorts of wonderful “Pop” artwork was added to this to make it… well, pop!

[April 13th, 2017]

  • A loading screen was concepted, along with splash screens, help screens, and all sorts of ornamental screens! Our artist was feeling particularly art-y.
  • Mystery items were concepted for Popstars, because what’s a game without a little mystery?
  • New messages were added to Renouned for your enjoyment!

[March 30th, 2017]

  • The beginnings of an introduction to Habit TV were created – it’s like a trailer for your own films you haven’t even started making!
  • Mobile version of Fitfunner was put through a rigorous test. Enjoy the game on any screen!
  • New icons were made up for the game in beautiful high resolution.
  • The Habit TV map was configured to resize properly to whatever desktop screen size you’d like to use.

[March 16th, 2017]

  • The flow of episodes was reconfigured to be able to better handle allowing multiple episodes each under different phases.
  • There’s now an option to see what episodes you’ve already completed, just in case you feel like preening at your PKU accomplishments!
  • Episodes within Habit TV can now be liked by your friends and frienemies.
  • The fuel and energy crystal icons were adjusted to be larger, no more squinting!

[March 2nd, 2017]

  • A new concept was drawn up to indicate filming is now underway! Never question whether you’re filming or not again, just in case you weren’t sure.
  • A checklist interface was created to help you manage your active episodes if you’re currently engaged in more than one. How’s THAT for productivity!

[February 23rd, 2017]

  • The entire interaction in Habit TV was designed for when you enter a new city and attempt to start filming a new habit!
  • A brand-spanking-new Episode Synopsis has been crafted by our artist to let the players get a quick recap of what exactly it is they just did.
  • The UI was fine-tuned to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Prototype Fuel game stages were introduced into Popstars! Exciting!

[February 16th, 2017]

  • A brand new character was created to let you know when you’re ready to finish your personal task! Consider it like your own cheerleader, always there to keep you motivated and informed.
  • The city backdrop was elaborated upon and filled in with more general life. The city’s lived in, we promise.
  • Players are now properly being awarded their correct level of stars after their first playthrough of Popstars! Play through a second time though just for the thrill of it.

[February 2nd, 2017]

  • A “go away” illustration was fashioned up for when cities no longer want you to be hanging out inside them. Probably best to listen to them when they make that request!
  • Fixed a bug in Popstars that would freeze the game when using your second gifted aiming guide. Rejoice!

[January 19th, 2017]

  • All sorts of new maps were added to HabitTV! Fan of side-scrollers? We’ve got you covered here.
  • We built an aiming guide for Popstars! If you were struggling before, this handy dandy guide will have you hitting those colored bubbles in no time.
  • Some bugs were squashed that impeded player communication during our competitive board game. Rejoice in the ability to once more taunt your enemies and compliment your friends!

[January 5th, 2017]

  • Enemy encounters were dealt with – what’s an adventure game with no enemies? We’ve got plenty ready to give you a challenge!
  • Icons were created to give cities ratings, AND a danger ranking. Beware!
  • An issue was fixed with Popstars – previously when you’d have 0 shots left, you’d run into shot bonus issues when playing on less than 100% resolution! This is why you want to maximize resolution, clearly.

[December 29th, 2016]

  • Our wonderful artist finished up work on movie location artwork!
  • The phone UI received some checklist buttons, and a ton of other neat figures to make navigation sleek and intuitive
  • The Poplar Grove Manor location in Popstars received some grammatical love!

[October 6th, 2016]

  • Habit TV rules pondered upon and changed, as well as some funky new design elements introduced!
  • Energy bubbles introduced to Pop Stars, with a fancy new tutorial added on how to use them!
  • Players who end their games of Pop Stars with a bomb will now receive the appropriate number of points they’re owed.
  • Sound buttons in Renouned are now accessible again without hiding the rest of your menus. Woo sound!
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