Curious to know what’s currently going on in the world of Fitfunner? We’ve got you covered. During the beta stage of the game you’ll see below the current fixes and additions that are being worked on at the moment. This is very much a changelog of sorts for a game that’s constantly evolving, so please bear in mind that some features may change or be reworked as time goes on!


[October 6th, 2016]

  • Habit TV rules pondered upon and changed, as well as some funky new design elements introduced!
  • Energy bubbles introduced to Pop Stars, with a fancy new tutorial added on how to use them!
  • Players who end their games of Pop Stars with a bomb will now receive the appropriate number of points they’re owed.
  • Sound buttons in Renouned are now accessible again without hiding the rest of your menus. Woo sound!
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